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The Remnants of Rock Show Reviews & Comments


“What an amazing Blast from the Past!!! You were all “out of this world, Crazy Good”!!!

I was blessed enough to personally tell each of you (with the exception of the drummer who is the absolute world’s BEST ROCK SCREAMER EVER) just how much I enjoyed the evening. You are crazy good! Thank you all again for such a wonderful evening and making the concert one to remember! God Bless! Keep Rockin’! – Diane Gandy Sisler


“The Remnants of Rock brought down the house during their recent appearance in the Woodlands Auditorium. Hot Springs Village residents were treated to an authentic experience from the Golden Era or Classic Rock and Roll. And from the crowd’s reaction, their music struck the right chords. Songs from the 60s rolled off the stage lifting the audience to its feet. The band presented a stellar performance to a full house and kept the crowd engaged throughout the evening. The audience was on its feet singing along during the final five songs of the evening and they stayed until the very end – even after the encore. The Remnants of Rock produced an evening of new memories for the HSV residents fortunate to hear them play. Rock on.” – Suzanne Sweeten, Hot Springs Village Voice


“First of all it was a great concert! Seldom have I ever been to a concert where the song selection was as good as your concert. All members of your band were top notch including yourself – superior vocals too. As a 50-year veteran of the stage I will always have a critique, but it certainly isn’t anything having to do with the quality of your music and performance. Terrific! Loved the show. We enjoyed it immensely.” – Tom Wilkins, manager The Vapors Club 


“Dan and I both THOROUGHLY enjoyed your band’s performance at the Woodlands!!!!! It was a packed sell out!!!!!!!!!!!! To the very back row!!! We sat on the side where you were… so, not only could we see you clearly…but the entire band! Y’all really had the place jiving!!! Thank you so much for a wonderful performance – Jeanne Spencer


“What a great show! We were in the 4th row right in from of you. Band was great, lead singer was great, you were great, everybody was great. And I sang along to everything! Collin (age 85) sang along to quite a few. I was the one in the class of 68 singing right at you at the end. I’m so thrilled that you had a sold out house. It really is the music of our lives. And now more and more HSVers are people are in their 60s/early 70s so it’s just what we want to hear. Congratulations, hope you get asked back real soon. – Maureen Morgan, Hot Springs Village Arts Council 


“I was sitting in the front row and I don't know when I have enjoyed anything as much as I did y'alls performance. I graduated in 1970 and I missed some of those beginning years of your band (sad face), but I did have the pleasure of hearing you at several of the dances. Thank you guys so much and I hope you all will play for our class at its 50th! Hope to hear you guys a lot sooner than that! You guys made last night a very special night with special memories for me!” – Yolanda Walker



“Wonderful concert last night.  Thank you so much for coming.  It was The Final Touch for our reunion.  And you gave us a music history lesson!  I loved it! I did not know across the pond, some of the groups took American music and remixed it.  Come to Hot Springs.  They are doing concerts again at The Vapors.” – Melinda Carnahan


Absolutely the most AWESOME time last night at the Rialto Theater listening to who I remember as the St. James Band! You've still got it Mike Mitchell, Mark and Rick Calhoun and rest of the guys! Had a blast sitting… AND, what a dance performance by Butch Dollar and Ellenor (spelling, sorry) Ruth Warren! If you missed it, you missed a truly wonderful trip down memory lane. Thanks to all who made it possible and special thoughts to Class of 1967 and "the band"! – Judy White


“I had a fantastic time! Yes it was great listening to the rock & roll oldies. Thanks to the Remnants -- you did a great job!” – Brenda Noland Campbell


 “What fun! I think I may still have a crush on Mark [bass player].” – Cathy Carroll


“Didn't we all! Big brother looked handsome last night, too! And, boy, did they rock the house!” – Yolanda Walker


“We had so much fun last night! The show, band, singing and playlists were awesome!! Your hard work sure showed and paid off!! I’m so happy for your success last night!” – Carol Cupp Fulmer


“We thoroughly enjoyed the show last night! Thanks for the invitation – the evening was really special and so much fun! You are a fab singer/lead man/guitarist and we are proud to know you! – Marilyn Irwin


“I also went to the Rialto last night and enjoyed every minute of it! Does anyone have a picture back when they were The St. James Group?” – Debbie Gullett-Keener


“Band performance was wonderful! Loved the music from 1959-1969! The theater rocked, rolled and twisted with the lively crowd!” – Jane Crum


“The Remnants (of Rock) put on a fantastic show at the Rialto Theater on June third. The crowd knew every word to every song in their set and even got up to dance in their seats! The performance was capped by a sing-a-long in front of the stage and followed by a couple of encores.” – Rich Moellers, Manager Motown 92.5 Radio


“I just wanted to let you know how much Margaret and I enjoyed the show… Sound was good and your MC work kept the audience involved. It was a really good choice of songs. Y’all tackled some of the most difficult songs to play and did them well. Beatles, Righteous Brothers, Animals, etc. came off very good. Mike even got a couple of standing ovations from some of the audience in front of us. You’ve got a good line up of players and you will have great luck with them.” – Mike Grimes


“Rick Calhoun and his band had our classmates rocking, rolling, twisting, and singing for hours at a recent High School reunion of several combined classes at our beloved Rialto Theater. A great time was had by all!!! – Phyllis McKuin, Devil Dog Foundation


“What a spectacular evening we had enjoying the band! To think of 50 years of music with friends is so unusual and uplifting it’s actually inspiring! The voices were strong, clear and beautiful! The harmonies were right on never missing a note. The “patter” was equally right on! The audience enjoyed the performance and I am body sore from bouncing in the chair to the rhythms! Thank you for an unforgettable evening.” – Marilyn Irwin


“The Remnants performed a spectacular concert to a capacity crowd and former classmates and the general public rocked to the awesome music of the 1960s. The band cycled through a collection of classic hits and many in the audience sang alone throughout the concert. The band performed a fast-paced show that kept everyone spellbound and everyone enjoyed the music.” – Eleanor Stanley


“We had an enjoyable time last night!! The band sounded great and I’m ready for more!! Loved the playlist especially Righteous Brothers. Keep on Rocking! – Jack Fulmer


“We brought some friends and everyone loved the show! ROCK ON!” – Ed Matthews


“What a great evening of nostalgia. The band was terrific! We did sing along. I feel like I received a refresher lecture on the various times and artists. You have an amazing and polished connection with your audience, and with the band members that is obvious and successful. We would not have missed it. More! – Richard Steinkamp













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