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Arkansas Arts Council “Arts on Tour” Fee Support Program
1100 North Street, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201
Jess Anthony, Grant Programs Manager, 501-324-9768


ArkansasArts.orgIf you love great music, here's great news!

The Arkansas Arts Council has chosen The Remnants of Rock for the 2022-23 "Arts on Tour" program. The "Arts on Tour" program (AOT) is designed by the Arkansas Arts Council to grant fee support to eligible presenters listed on the AOT roster. If you are an arts organization, festival, school, civic organization, or government entity, the program will help underwrite the cost of a concert performance.

Here’s how AOT Fee Support works:
• AOT grants will reimburse the presenter 40 percent of the total artist fee, up to a maximum of $2,000 per performance.
• Each request for reimbursement must be received in the Arkansas Arts Council office prior to the concert.

• Only non-profit or tax-exempt 501(c) (3) Arkansas-based organizations are eligible for AOT grants.
• The concert must be open to the general public, although the event does not have to be free (the sponsoring organization may charge admission).
• The presenter must credit the Arkansas Arts Council in programs, press releases, and advertising.

The 2022-2023 AOT roster is published in March and complete information posted on the Arkansas Arts Council website. More information on the "Arts on Tour program" can be viewed at:

This is exciting news for organizations planning a concert this year. The Remnants (of Rock) is now more accessible than ever to Arkansas fans wanting to enjoy “The best music from Rock’s golden era 1959-1969." In addition to fee support, promotional assistance is also provided to assure a successful event. With each show you will get the following:


• Publicity and assistance with statewide media.
• Access to an extensive statewide mailing list of fans.
• T-Shirts and other memorabilia for promotional give-aways.
• Wide demographic appeal to a large cross-section of age groups.
• Fund raising assistance! (Your organization keeps a percentage of money by assisting with concession sales. The band provides T-shirts and other memorabilia to sell with NO financial risk to the organization.)

AOT grant money is limited – so book your date now!
For available concert dates, press kit, and information, contact Rick Calhoun at 501-944-0827
or e-mail:

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